Managing an Offline Alert notification

Each Endpoint user on BlueNote has six Group buttons in their Type A Message window. The user is responsible for making sure that those Groups are set up correctly. Programming Groups does not change settings on any other user's computers.

If a user sees the red Offline Alert marker appear when they use a Group, this normally means that a user name that is programmed as part of that Group does not have a BlueNote client currently online. However, it can also mean that the other user has changed their Endpoint's User Name, and so the original name no longer exists within the system. If the User Name of a recipient has changed permanently, or if the User Name no longer exists, the Group button will no longer be set up properly. 

To reset a Group button, first make sure that all users are online . Offline users cannot be added to a Group.

Right-click on on a previously programmed Group button, then remove the inactive Group Member (the old name) from the right-hand column by clicking on the incorrect name and them moving that name to the left-hand column. You may also add any other Users that should be part of the group at this time by moving those Users to the right-hand column.  Only current Group Members should appear in the right-hand column. Click Save to finish.

You may also start over by pressing the Delete option to completely reset the Group button. From here you will click back into the unprogrammed Group button, select your Group Members, type in a Group name, and Save.